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Jack Balch for Pleasanton Mayor 2024: A Vision for a Better Future Together

We need a new direction in Pleasanton. As a lifelong resident of the region with nearly two decades of civic engagement, Jack brings an optimistic and pragmatic approach to city leadership. His public service, coupled with a successful career in business finance, makes him uniquely qualified to drive for a better future for Pleasanton residents.


Here are some of his positions on the important issues facing Pleasanton:

Fiscal Responsibility

Keeping an eye on the bottom line is of paramount importance. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), accredited Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) and a commercial real estate broker, Jack brings unparalleled financial expertise to ensure that Pleasanton’s resources will be managed wisely and effectively. He will also focus on the responsible allocation of our limited public resources by ensuring that staff time and talent is spent on those things that matter to the residents who live here and love Pleasanton.

Public Safety and Community Well-Being

Safety is about more than statistics; it’s about peace of mind. But the numbers tell us that property crimes and juvenile arrests are up, as are police response times. Jack is laser focused that Pleasanton residents must be safe in their homes and on their streets, because he respects public safety workers and the vital services they provide.

Environmental Leadership and Water Stewardship

As a father with a hope for a better future and healthy planet, Jack continues to support strong environmental commitments, from prioritizing water quality and open space to advocating for clean energy solutions as an active member on the Ava Energy Committee. Through his service on StopWaste.Org, he’s supported programs for landfill diversion, recycling and full product life cycle responsibility. He strongly supports Pleasanton’s Urban Forest, benefiting us right here in our backyards.

Transparent Government and Good Governance

Public trust in government is at an all-time low. Under our current leadership, the City’s credibility is on the line. Jack pledges to restore the transparency and good governance that form the pillars of a model local government, and he’s committed to rebuilding and maintaining that trust for the betterment of residents and beyond and understands service is to you, our community.

Housing and Responsible Growth

Housing affordability affects us all. Jack supports housing solutions that ensure responsible development and accommodate state mandates without sacrificing community integrity—because buying a home here shouldn’t be beyond our children’s reach.

Economic Revitalization

Having had firsthand experience with the permitting process in Pleasanton, Jack understands the challenges businesses face. Jack supports efforts to incentivize economic growth, which in turn creates jobs and bolsters sales and property tax revenues – as well as vitality. He will continue to work hard to deliver Pleasanton as a center for innovation and opportunity.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

Join Jack Balch in working to reclaim Pleasanton and create a better future for its residents. His vision is for a City that fosters economic vitality, thoughtfully addresses housing needs with creativity and care, champions sustainable practices, and ensures the safety and well-being of all its residents. He will do this through robust public input, respectful listening, and by addressing our challenges head on in a transparent and collaborative way.

It’s time for leadership that not only understands our history but is also committed to our future. Vote Jack Balch for Mayor in 2024, for a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable Pleasanton. 


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